And we are back!!!

Warm greeting after long silence! It’s been a long time since our last interaction here. Lot of things transpired since then from serious business to crafting applications, learning and putting into work cool stuff and technologies.

Other than that there has been alot of changes including an additional year in my life though I feel young :). Jokes aside, I hope you as well has been doing well in your life and great stuff in the software development arena and careers.

So I would like to welcome you back to this interactive blog, and be ready to learn cool stuff, new technologies including the “why’s”, “how’s”, “when’s”, “do’s” and “dont’s” in various technologies ranging from .NET stack including AZURE, C#,F#, open source and my new love “MEAN” stack. It will be amazing, you got to trust me for this as I have developed the virtue of honest since then.

There will be alot of thorough research work before publishing, and this will be to make sure that information will be easy to understand, as I look forward for “Simplicity over complexity” moving forward.

Don’t miss, subscribe to this blog now!!! 😀

Happy new year and coding!!


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