Login failed for user “user”. Reason: The account is disabled (Microsoft SQL Server ,Error: 18470 )

Over the time, I have been using Windows Authetication to connect to my MSSMS (Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio). And since during installation I had not enabled Mixed mode authetication on the server, I got some issues.

  1. I could not connect using  Sql Server Authetication
  2. The ‘sa’ account was disabled.

For security reasons, the ‘sa’ account is usually disabled, as it is a well known SQL server account and its often targeted by malicious users. And so, be thoughful while enabling the ‘sa’ account. And its recommended that you use a strong password.

I thought to summarize the short steps I gathered on the internet into one post. So let’s go.

Enable mixed mode authetication:

  • Login in to the server using the Windows authetication.
  • Right click your server and go to Properties, the select the Security 
  • Under Server Authetication section, You will find that “Windows Authetication Mode” radio button selected.
  • So, your work is to select “Sql Server and Windows Authetication Mode” radio button


  • Then click Ok
  • Right click the server again and select “Restart
  • That is it! You have now enabled mixed mode authetication on you server.

Enabling the disabled account.

  • Login using windows authetication
  • Go to Security, then Login. You will find the disabled account with the a small red arrow beside them as below


  • Right click the login name and go to Properties
  • You should see something like this with “Disabled” radio button checked


  • You need to check the Enabled radio button like this


  • Restart the server.

Another easier way of enabling ‘sa’ account and set a password using query as shown below.

ALTER LOGIN sa WITH PASSWORD = 'you new strong password' ;

Thats  it! You have Mixed mode authetication and account enabled .

Happy reading!!


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